June 21, 2010

A New Light Project: A few of my not so favorite things

We had such a lovely dinner party this weekend, the kind with a small group of close friends, wonderful food, & laughing so hard that our abs were sore. My honey (R ) loves to cook, he mans the kitchen like a pro, but I had to do the shopping for this dinner, which meant picking out mushrooms that I had no intention of eating. Getting a mouthful of spongy shroom makes me squirm, I just can’t handle the texture. More for the rest of you right?
Mushroom Dippy
As I unpacked the groceries & admired the shape & color of the shitakes, I decided I should photograph them before they were thrown on the grill.
Black Tie Shitake
R’s only question –what was the ribbon for? -Uhm, they were getting dressed for dinner?
Mushrooms Upside Down
It was an interesting exercise, viewing something I don’t like as pleasant instead of cringe-worthy. I can see the beauty of mushrooms if not the tastiness -& yes all subjects were eaten after the shoot (just not by me). So, I've decided to challenge myself to find a photographic appreciation for some of the things that I just don't care for. It may take a ribbon or two, but I think I can do it. I’ll be posting the results both here & on flickr if you’d like to follow along.

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