November 12, 2010

First Course

Deceptively Easy Appetizers

Spiced Almonds

Here are my first shots & recipes for the Food & Foto Challenge. Shooting food is a whole different ball game but, I'm pleasantly surprised at my results. Give these sweet & savory morsels a try - they are quite decadent. For the winos out there ( I kid) R's wine pairing recommendation is a Viognier like this one from Alexandria Nicole.

Chevre Stuffed Dates


  1. Yes! These look really great! I am so going to try them.

    Your photos are great - really!

  2. looks yummy! I'll be following along during the six weeks' challenge.

  3. I'd like these right now please.

  4. Well, since I went a little overboard making props, there just happen to be some left!