January 14, 2010

Feathers on Blue

I thought I'd take the same photo with 2 different lenses so that I can see their differences better. The top pic is taken with the lensbaby muse, the bottom with a "nifty fifty" lens. Aside from the focus, they both definitely do their own number on that blue.
Feather Feather
By the way, if you stuck this feather up your nose - you'd know how my sinuses feel right now. Boo on January colds - BOOOO!


  1. I like them both very much! Are you happy with your Lensbaby? I want to one with more control now, I just love mine so much!

  2. Thanks Miss B
    It's like candy right now - I can't get enough! I'm sure I'll want to expand my collection at some point though:)

  3. Haha...okay, I'm not going to try and stick a feather up my nose ;P Love that you experimented. One of these days, I want to set up a still life and use all the modes on my camera to really learn what the differences are...

  4. Ciao Linda!- I whole-heartedly recommend it. I've learned so much this way.