January 7, 2010

An Ode to Lensbaby

OH lensbaby, I've heard your name dropped here & there in certain circles, but had I known your powers of blur & light, I would have snatched you up months ago!
6:30 dip
This lens can go from fuzzing just the edges to full on blur-out. I'm a big fan of photos with ambiguous details, I think it invites the viewer to imagine the rest as they see fit. Thanks to this little gift from my honey, after a bit more practice, I should be able to blur to my hearts' content!


  1. how fabulous Michelle! you lucky thing, what a great gift! kellie

  2. These are great! I so need to practice more.

  3. I agree with you! Your photos do invite me to imagine.

  4. OH, that is the most wonderful complement Kaho! You just made my day!